As you can see, things are looking a little different around Lake Whimsy these days. After a long quietude, Lake Whimsy is slowly trying to awake from its extended slumber. We can assure you that the full awakening will not be sudden or very active as we don’t wish to unexpectedly startle anyone.

However, we do think it’s a nice place to visit now and again and we’ll be working at gradually bringing it up to speed. There are no immediate plans to start producing the Web comic again on a regular schedule. However, I may show up now and again to blog about events that are taking place in Lake Whimsy or to let you know of a new book that is due to be published by our very own Lake Whimsy Press.

More to that point, I am currently working on a monograph regarding one of our very own town residents that will be entitled, “Edgar Allan Poe: Alcoholic & Sensational! We will let you know when it becomes generally available.

In the meantime, here is a short excerpt from an early draft of the Introduction:

“Edgar Allan Poe was a small, inebriated, postage stamp of a man, whose fiction and poetry not only live on long past his premature death, but continue to have a major influence on teenagers and the suicidally depressed.

Before his pen ever touched paper, each word mixed with the alcohol that numbed Poe’s feverish, alcohol-addled mind to create a macabre lexicographic fog through which he could wander lost and alone.

The breadth of the subject matter about which he chose to write is astonishing in its narrowness. Death, premature burial, doomed love, and psychological doubling infuses almost every piece of creation to which he set his tiny, delicate, almost womanish hand.

So small were his hands that he could barely lift a shot glass; clenching them, he could fit both fists inside his mouth at the same time—as he used to do regularly at parties and at taverns, especially if he thought he could get a free drink out of it.

It is for these simple things that he is best remembered. And his stories. His somber, alcohol-infused tales of the macabre.”

That’s it for the moment. We hope that you’ll always feel free to wander back into town and check to see if anything has changed. However, it would be wise to keep in mind that just because something looks different it doesn’t mean that it actually has changed. It’s always possible that the thing that has changed is you.