What can be said with certainty about Lake Whimsy? It is a small, but vibrant community – located about twenty miles closer to Hell than you are now.

For the time being, we’re exploring the area and its people.

As yet, we haven’t found the lake.

About Me (Andy Peterson)

I attended San Francisco State University, where I studied English and Theatre Arts. I also worked on the weekly paper, The Golden Gater, as Graphics Editor and Cartoonist.

Leaving college, I formed a theatre company in San Francisco. We regularly toured the Pacific Northwest and played the Fringe Festival circuit. I wrote, directed, produced, and acted in 14 plays and numerous sketches.

This led to lucrative writing assignments for a number of people and companies, including Microsoft, Sony, GE, and many more – ranging from speeches (for Bill Gates, among other people), scripts for tradeshows, magazine articles and advertorials, journal articles, work in the video game industry, and hardcore technical writing.

I’ve written articles for the Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader series, as well as illustrating two books: Uncle John’s Top Secret Bathroom Reader for Kids Only and Uncle John’s Facts to Annoy Your Teacher For Kids Only.

Which brings us pretty much up to date.

Now, I’m creating Lake Whimsy.  I hope you enjoy it!