Sorry about the late update today.

I wonder how old you have to be to remember how pervasive the Raymond J. Johnson, Jr. character was on TV at one time. It seemed you couldn’t watch a variety program in which he did not make an appearance. Of course, the mention of variety programs on TV is an indicator that we’re talking about a bygone age.

Raymond J. Johnson, Jr. was a character created by Bill Saluga, one of the founding members of Ace Trucking Company, an improvisational comedy troupe that also included Fred Willard and Patti Deutsch. They were regulars on the variety show, This is Tom Jones. The most recent Raymond J. Johnson, Jr. appearance that I know of is from The Simpsons in 2002.

I’ll be heading down to the Emerald City Comic Convention here in Seattle on Friday afternoon. If you’re in town and wander down, maybe I’ll see you. On the other hand, the Convention Center is a pretty big place, so maybe I won’t.

In any event, I’m still planning on having a new strip up on Friday morning.