Behind the Scenes

Today’s strip was something of a surprise for me.

Let me explain:

The strip you see is not the strip that was originally supposed to appear today. The one that I had originally planned for today was one of the regular two-tiered/six panel strips, which usually take a little longer and require about twice as much work. Consequently, I was working late into the early morning hours on Wednesday night when the carelessness that comes with fatigue caused me to smear the ink on the lettering. This led to a new and different carelessness caused by frustration over my previous blunder, which brought on a new accident involving ink, coffee, and ultimately, inky coffee.

I decided to put the strip aside until I could take a more careful review of the situation in the morning. Alas, the strip will need to be redone from scratch. Knowing that it was unlikely to be completed in time to make my Friday morning deadline – I decided to create a shorter strip to take its place. That strip is the one you see today – a strip that I rather like for a number of reasons.

First of all, this is a strip that never would have been created without the accident.

Secondly, when I originally came up with the character of Meredith, I didn’t know how much “life” I would find in her character and the interaction with Larry. Instead, I’m finding that she practically writes herself and coming up with new material is a breeze. She was only supposed to appear in a couple of strips to start with – now we’re up to seven with at least a couple more on the way.

Thirdly, when I sat down to draw the strip, there was something about the dialogue that reminded me of Peanuts – if Charlie Brown had been an adult and needed to converse with Death. As a mini-homage to Charles Schulz, I drew backgrounds that any Peanuts fan should recognize immediately from innumerable strips.

So that was fun.

And the strip that was originally planned for today will appear on Tuesday.

Dialog That Wasn’t Used

If you haven’t noticed already, I often put thoughts and comments in the alt-text for each comic strip. To see this text, simply hover your mouse over the comic strip image and a little box will appear.

For today’s strip, I included an alternate last line for Meredith that I decided not to use. There are two reasons that I chose not to go with this line: 1) I like the line that I ended up using better; and 2) I’m doing my best to avoid topical references.

I hope you enjoyed today’s strip! We’ll see you back in Lake Whimsy next Tuesday!