Randomly Asked Questions

I’ll try to keep track of questions as they come in.  While the comic strip updates every Tuesday and Friday, I’ll be updated this page whenever a question arises. So keep checking back!

Here’s are the most recent questions I’ve been asked:

Where is Lake Whimsy located?

Just about 20 miles closer to Hell than you are right now.

What is the name of the moose?

Curiously, moose culture does not assign names, so the moose doesn’t have one. As he spends more time in Lake Whimsy, he may assimilate and eventually adopt one. For now, he is simply The Moose.

What is the name of the bar where everyone seems to hang out?

The name of the bar is The Third Circle.

Is Lake Whimsy meant to be autobiographical?

No. While there may be occasional strips that coincide with events in my life, I work quite hard at keeping my personal life out of the strip. That being said, there’s no questioning the fact that the strip is a fairly strong representation of my worldview.